Daniel Harasim

Daniel Harasim is a PhD candidate in digital humanities at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where he works with Martin Rohrmeier, Stefan Schmidt (TU Dresden), and Timothy O’Donnell (McGill University). He works on the topics of generative modelling of musical structures, combining methods from music theory, mathematical modelling, computer linguistics, and Bayesian statistics. In 2015, he earned a master’s degree in mathematics and computer science at the TU Dresden where he in particular worked on geometric structures of voice-leading spaces. His research interests further include topics from mathematical music theory, music cognition, and the application of Schenkerian Analysis to Jazz. Aside from his academic activities, he enjoys playing the upright bass in Jazz and Rock’n Roll bands.


Neuwirth, M., Harasim, D., Moss, F.C., and Rohrmeier, M. (2018). “The Annotated Beethoven Corpus (ABC): A Dataset of Harmonic Analyses of All Beethoven String Quartets.” Frontiers in Digital Humanities 5:16.

Harasim, H., Rohrmeier, M., and O’Donnell, T.J. “A Generalized Parsing Framework for Generative Models of Harmonic Syntax.” 19th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Paris 2018, 152-159.

Harasim, D., Schmidt, S., & Rohrmeier, M. (2016). “Bridging Scale Theory and Geometrical Approaches to Harmony: The Voice-Leading Duality Between Complementary Chords.” Journal of Mathematics and Music 10 (3), 193-209.


Phone +41 21 69 37690
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